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Couple of sightems...

* As per the HG-UC Gelgoog Marine and Dom Tropen model kits, the material
used for these mobile suits is actually _high-tensile steel_, as used on
the Zaku. (As previously discussed, I've always been certain it wasn't
titanium-ceramic composite, but I figured it might be the same titanium
alloy used on the Galbaldy Beta.)

  In this case, the far greater dry weight of the Zaku must be due to
other engineering issues, not just heavier materials. Conversely, the dry
weight gap between the Gelgoog and the Galbaldy Beta - roughly six tons -
can probably be attributed to the change from steel to titanium armor.

* If the tech explanation in Hobby Japan's January feature on the HG-UC
Dom Tropen is derived from the kit manual, then it looks like we've
finally gotten an answer as to its place in the Dom family tree. HJ says
that the MS-09F Dom Funf was developed by Zimmad, just before all Zeon's
mobile suit designs were consolidated in 0080's Joint Equipment Plan. The
Funf is a modular, multipurpose version of the Dom whose parts can be
swapped out to adapt it for different missions and environments. (Thus, a
simple parts swap can turn the space version used by Delaz into the
desert-ready Tropen.)

-- Mark

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