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> Nope, that's what it says. I guess the ending narration was written by
> historians of the pre-Turn A era. <grin> Still, that's just two surviving
> mobile suits, versus hundreds or thousands from other Gundam eras. (I was
> initially skeptical that the Zaku II would survive in such quantities,
> rather than the Doms and Gelgoogs that replaced it, but I've come to

  While it would be nice to never have war again, it's arrogant to say no MS
exist anymore on the GW announcers part :) I am sure some MS still exist in
GW's time line. I find it more believable for the remaining MS to be hidden
with the records of them either erased or put into super secret classified
status to be found by some psycho or some desperate person, years later.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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