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Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:47:14 -0500

>>WOO-HOO!!!! UC Gundam ripping off Gundam Wing! Oh, I can't wait to hear
>>what excuses the UC zealots make as to why they have the right to rip off
>>Wing and Wing doesn't have toe right to rip off UC.

>I expect they'll point to the original Gundam's learning computer and
>Sentinel's ALICE system as precedents, but in all honesty, it was Wing
>that really sold the concept of AI-controlled mobile suits as a standard
>weapon. The "mobile weapon" versions of the Rai and Raid in G-Saviour are
>just mobile dolls by another name.

If you want to get technical about AI controlled MS in the UC series. You
forgot about both incarnations of the Psyco Gundam in the Zeta series. This
is basically were Wing got the Zero System Idea.

Scott Alexander Frantz

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