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I was under the impression that UC beam sabres were pink and that alternate
universe beam sabres were green, but knowledge I've gained shoots that
theory to hell =)
The HGUC Rick Dias comes with a (beautiful!) green beam sabre, so I'm
assuming it sported one in the show as well. However, its contemporaries,
the RX-178 and the Zeta both had pink bladed sabres...
Furthermore, from watching G Gundam, I now know that Shining Gundam uses a
pink bladed sabre, although my 1/60 God Gundam has green bladed sabres ...
confusing or what?
And to top it off? The G-Savior has a blue beam sabre (Which is the coolest
looking of all, IMHO).
So from all this, two questions:
1. Is there any scientific rationale behind the various colors, especially
in Zeta Gundam era, where there seem to be MS's with both colors.
2. Failing that, is there any other possible reason as for the variance in

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