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Andrew Dynon writes,

>WOO-HOO!!!! UC Gundam ripping off Gundam Wing! Oh, I can't wait to hear
>what excuses the UC zealots make as to why they have the right to rip off
>Wing and Wing doesn't have toe right to rip off UC.

  I expect they'll point to the original Gundam's learning computer and
Sentinel's ALICE system as precedents, but in all honesty, it was Wing
that really sold the concept of AI-controlled mobile suits as a standard
weapon. The "mobile weapon" versions of the Rai and Raid in G-Saviour are
just mobile dolls by another name.

>What about Tallgeese III, and Noin's Taurus? I don't recall seeing them
>destroyed in EW, and the ending VO doesn't say all MS were destroyed, just
>that "For the rest of history, weapons called Mobile Suits, including the
>Gundams, never appeared again" (well, that's what the fansub put, anyway),
>so it's possible there was just never a need for them but they were still
>around. (If the fansub got it wrong, let me know).

  Nope, that's what it says. I guess the ending narration was written by
historians of the pre-Turn A era. <grin> Still, that's just two surviving
mobile suits, versus hundreds or thousands from other Gundam eras. (I was
initially skeptical that the Zaku II would survive in such quantities,
rather than the Doms and Gelgoogs that replaced it, but I've come to
suspect these are actually recreations rather than vintage Zakus.)

>Actually, I was
>thinking of having the Tallgeese III turn up (no pun intended) in a Turn A
>fanfic of mine (which is only in the very early planning stages).

  And why not? It would probably be a pretty tough customer, even in the
relatively major leagues of Turn A - for starters, it can fly without a
support device, something which eludes even the mighty Sumo.

-- Mark

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