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>James Boren writes,
>>Thanks guys. It's funny how sometimes you just need to ramble
>>mindlessly in a public forum. Actually my gundam interest has of late
>>been centered on Turn-A Gundam. I've gotten up to ep.45. There are
>>plenty of discussion worthy topics I'd love to get into-yet it seems
>>I'm the only Turn-A fan around.
> Hey, count me in too - albeit with a slight viewing lag due to time
>limitations. (They have almost the whole series at Japan Video by now,
>but I'm waaay behind in actually watching it...)

Me too.

>>Turn-A as alt universe or U.C.? It's feeling very U.C. to me.
> I'd agree, but there are some aspects that tie into G Gundam as well.
>Pretty much the only nod to Wing and X is the use of drone mobile suits -
>third-party publications aren't sure whether these should be considered
>bit mobile suits or mobile dolls, though it's possible that there are
>some of each. (And at any rate, as of G-Saviour, there are now mobile
>dolls in the UC continuity as well...)

WOO-HOO!!!! UC Gundam ripping off Gundam Wing! Oh, I can't wait to hear
what excuses the UC zealots make as to why they have the right to rip off
Wing and Wing doesn't have toe right to rip off UC.

("But... but... it's the original universe, so it's okay to borrow stuff
from the Alternate Universes!")

> From what I've seen, most of the buried mecha are wrapped in protective
>nanoskin material to keep out damaging elements. This indicates that they
>were deliberately stashed for later use - perhaps, going out on a limb,
>to evade a disarmament edict like the one in Gundam Wing. (Though that
>one was ultimately successful, which probably explains why the AC era is
>the only one that left no relics behind for Turn A.)

What about Tallgeese III, and Noin's Taurus? I don't recall seeing them
destroyed in EW, and the ending VO doesn't say all MS were destroyed, just
that "For the rest of history, weapons called Mobile Suits, including the
Gundams, never appeared again" (well, that's what the fansub put, anyway),
so it's possible there was just never a need for them but they were still
around. (If the fansub got it wrong, let me know). Actually, I was
thinking of having the Tallgeese III turn up (no pun intended) in a Turn A
fanfic of mine (which is only in the very early planning stages).
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