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James Boren writes,

>Thanks guys. It's funny how sometimes you just need to ramble
>mindlessly in a public forum. Actually my gundam interest has of late
>been centered on Turn-A Gundam. I've gotten up to ep.45. There are
>plenty of discussion worthy topics I'd love to get into-yet it seems
>I'm the only Turn-A fan around.

  Hey, count me in too - albeit with a slight viewing lag due to time
limitations. (They have almost the whole series at Japan Video by now,
but I'm waaay behind in actually watching it...)

>Turn-A as alt universe or U.C.? It's feeling very U.C. to me.

  I'd agree, but there are some aspects that tie into G Gundam as well.
Pretty much the only nod to Wing and X is the use of drone mobile suits -
third-party publications aren't sure whether these should be considered
bit mobile suits or mobile dolls, though it's possible that there are
some of each. (And at any rate, as of G-Saviour, there are now mobile
dolls in the UC continuity as well...)

>Extended technologies of Turn-A. Such as the Flat's barrier system
>which reflects beam and projectiles, in addition to functioning as a

  The Flat's barrier is actually supposed to be sonic in nature - caused
by the vibration of its limb plates. The Sumo and Turn A definitely rely
on powerful I-field barriers, though - this is even discussed in the dialogue.

>Political and societal structures of the Moon Race--As well as their

  The Moonrace's cities don't really resemble the UC-era lunar cities,
but it's been observed that the Winter Palace appears to be a remodeled
Squid-class battleship from V Gundam. (And the Kairas Giri cannon is
mentioned by name later in the series.) Taken together with the Ginganam
family name of the Moonrace's military leaders, and there's a definite
hint that the Moonrace society has its roots in the V Gundam era. (So
maybe we should be looking at the V Gundam cast for the original identity
of Corin Nander, eh? Breaking your neck in the final episode could lead
to some lingering brain damage, heh heh... :-)

>And just what is left in earth orbit?

  All the space colonies went bye-bye, it seems - converted into
generation ships just like in that "Side Story of V Gundam" comic.
There's still the Zakku Traiger, which bears an uncanny resemblance to
the Heinlein novel cover illustration which was just ripped off by a
British painter in a late-breaking art scandal...


>What are the links that reportably tie all the gundam stories together?

  Have you seen the episodes where they show video footage of the "Dark
History" era? That should demonstrate why Turn A is considered to have
tied all the Gundam worlds together, though it's never explained exactly
how this all connects.

>Why did Tomino add the recycled MS that he did?

  As per his Animerica interview, it's so that wise guys like us can't
say it isn't a Gundam show. :-) In other words, they're little more than
in-jokes, like the Turn X's shining finger attack.

>Could a Zaku be preserved, buried for 2 thousand years, and why does
>it look like the first gundam style Zaku and not the 08th style
>that's been the standard zaku for many years?

  From what I've seen, most of the buried mecha are wrapped in protective
nanoskin material to keep out damaging elements. This indicates that they
were deliberately stashed for later use - perhaps, going out on a limb,
to evade a disarmament edict like the one in Gundam Wing. (Though that
one was ultimately successful, which probably explains why the AC era is
the only one that left no relics behind for Turn A.)

  As for the funky look of the Zaku - see in-joke comment above. Same
reason the Kapool and Gallop were made extra-tiny. Quite possibly these
are recreations built in a later era, like the statues in F91's mobile
suit museum, F90's Oldsmobile Army hardware, and Z Gundam's replica
Gelgoog. (This would also help explain how the Borjarnon can beat up
Sumos and Cannon Irfutes.)

  For what it's worth, there are enough little clues built into the mecha
designs and their model numbers that you can pretty much identify which
date back to which era of the Gundam saga. For example, the "NRS" prefix
of the Gozzo's model number is a lot like the "NRX/NR/NRMA" prefixes used
by Gundam X's New Federation, and the Gozzo actually has an identical
cockpit to the Federation mobile suits from that series...

>Is there a symbolic and/or genetic reason why Diana and Keil are identical?

  Not that I'm aware. Possibly Kihel is a descendant of Diana from one of
her earlier visits to Earth...

-- Mark

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