Graham Belmont (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 17:05:35 -0600

> >>MSM-08 Zogok
> >>
> >
> >1/100 released in '82.
> >
>Spiffy, any idea where I can get it? (Besides HLJ) Any idea if its arms

Not a big fan of HLJ, eh? They've been great to me in the past, so those are
the onlt guys I order from (usually 4-5 kits at a time, saves on shipping,
big time).

The arms are static below the shoulders. Well, actually, it's pretty much a
fixed pose kit. The legs really stink, you can't do nuts with the knees. If
you decide to pose it at all, it'll pretty much just be an arm sticking up
in the air. If nothing else, it'll be good for posing your RX-78 kicking the
crap outta it :P


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