Graham Belmont (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:45:20 -0600

>My first model was the DeathScythe... I'm one of the many silly americans
>who got started on GUndam Wing. LUCKILY, I evolved into UC. I'm pretty
>partial to my DS, even though it's pretty crappily proportioned, but I
>painted in all the panel lines, so it's the model I think I've done the
>most work to. My first UC model was the Zeta Plus, STILL my favorite
>model ever

I'm assuming you got the 1/144 DS? With everything that Bandai did wrong on
that model, they more than made up for with the 1/100. That kit is, in my
very oh-so humble opinion, one of the sleekest, sharpest, most intimidating
suits around. Such a shame it was destroyed so early on in the show.


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