Graham Belmont (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:41:34 -0600

> >
> >I can say this with all certainty and confidence, because I know that I'm
> >right: the HG 1/144 Zeta released in '90 is the WORST model ever made,
> >down. It's flimsy, it's out of proportion. What's even worse is that some
> >big-wig at Bandai had to approve it! Gah!
>I HAVE IT! It's a piece of crap I tell ya, I can't believe I dropped 10
>bucks on that piece of crap. I've already broken it's leg, a wing binder
>and the neck piece... at least I can use the shield for the Zeta Plus....
>I think.

You only wasted $10?? The store I got mine at had it marked up to $20. Geez,
and to think I could've bought 6 packs of smokes instead ^^;;; Well, at
least Bandai made amends with the PG.


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