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>Speaking of ugly MSs, have they EVER made a model of any form, resin, LG
>or whatever, of the following suits and armors?:
>MSM-04 Acguy (I THINK I saw an LG version of this on yahoo auctions...)

Originally released in '81, with a mild 1/100 retooling in '82.

>MSM-10 Zock

A kit from '81. The only other model I've seen of it was a scratch built
Zero-Zock from the October issue of Hobby Japan. Looks really damn nice,
I'll try scanning some pics if it, if you want.

>MA-05 Bigro (I'd actually love to have a model of this... not sure why)

The only one I know of was, again, from '81.

>MAX-03 Azzam (Yes, I LOVE this thing)

Ditto. Looks like a large flying onion. Very retro. Released in '81, with a
groovy little RX-78 and Magellan (sp?) to pose along with it.

>MSN-01 Psycommu Zaku

Ah yeah, I remember listing this one as one of the dumbest looking models,
and with good cause. This one's from '84.

>EMS-05 Agg

1/144 and 1/100 kits released in '82.

>MS-13 Gasshia

If this one has, it's certainly not in my ol' Gundam Bible over here. Just
seems to jump past it...

>MSM-04G Juagg

1/144 released in '82.

>MSM-04N Agguguy

1/144 and 1/100 released in '82.

>MSM-08 Zogok

1/100 released in '82.

Well, hope this helps!

>Some of these suits I really like, even though they are pretty ugly, but
>I've always been interested in the 70's monster retro look.

Likewise. When I first started modeling, I avoided them like the plague. But
now it seems I'm going a little soft for these old designs. They speake
volumes about the time in which they were created.


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