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> Remember, the Zaku FZ machinegun is 120mm (according to model's
> instruction pamphlet and other sources that were out when 0080 first
> came out). The MMP-80 is only 90mm, and was basically a re-tool of the
> FZ's gun done for 0083. They probably wanted to use familiar existing
> designs for 0083, and I could see how they would want to change the
> caliber (since everyone knows the standard Zaku rifle is 120mm, and it
> would be a bit odd having two rifles with the same caliber in use - so
> they just changed the caliber of one to explain away its use).

Consider also that MS are scaled up human proportions, by a factor of ten. The
original 120mm is the equivalent of the WW2 .50 caliber heavy machinegun -- a
true 10:1 would be 12.7 mm and a 12 mm round would be a little over .472
caliber -- while a 90 mm would be a perfectly scaled 9 mm (.354 caliber).

By way of comparison, the Gundam's 60 mm Vulcans would scale to 6 mm or .236
caliber. That seems puny until you remember that the Colt M-16, which was the
standard military small arm for the US when Gundam was on the air, is a 5.56 mm
(.223 caliber) gas-operated automatic weapon. It swaps high velocity for high
mass to achieve firepower superior to the older .30 caliber (7.62 mm) M1A Garand
and Springfield M14 carbines and equivalent to the beloved .45 caliber (11.43
mm) Colt M1911A1 semi-automatic pistol.

Insofar as I know, 7.62 mm is still the standard round for NATO-issue weapons,
although there was a push for 9 mm and even 10 mm (.40 caliber) sidearms for
officers when I left the USAF.

And, for what it's worth, the background material for Gundam 0083 specifies a
"9x19mm Colt M71A1" as the standard EFSF sidearm and the "4.85mm Colt M72A1"
(.20 caliber) as the standard EFSF small arm. Starting with Gundam 0080, there
was a concerted effort to use RL weapon designs throughout Gundam, so the 90 mm
MS "small arms" that you see are all modeled on actual 9 mm assault rifles that
were in use around the world ten years ago.


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