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> illuminati \Il*lu`mi*na"ti\, n. pl. [L. illuminatus. See Illuminate, v.
> t., and cf. Illuminee.] Literally, those who are enlightened;
> 1. Members of certain associations in Modern Europe, who combined to
> promote social reforms, by which they expected to raise men and society
> to perfection, esp. of one originated in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt,
> professor of canon law at Ingolstadt, which spread rapidly for a time,
> but ceased after a few years.
> That kind of fits in with the whole Newtype idea. Just replace Adam
> Weishaupt with Zeon Zum Daikun. Not knowing much about G-Savior, I'm not
> sure how much the Newtype idea fits into the story.
Interesting indeed. Most times I've seen the Illuminati appear its been as
the proverbial bad guys ... so at least there's some historical context for
them in G-Savior.

> This wouldn't be the first time the Illuminati has sown up in movies or
> television. The Illuminati has also made recent appearances in Video
> Games "Deus Ex", Movies "Little Witches" "Razor Blade Smile" and
> television "Gargoyles animated series"
Sho'nuff ... Deus Ex is pretty much like playing inside a big conspiracy
theory ... too bad I didn't care for the game.

> Hmm... Newtypes as Illuminati, has potential for a Gundam fanfic.
Or perhaps, Newtypes as Discordians ... maybe Newtype powers are a
manifestation of Goddess speaking through their Pineal Glands ;p
Hmm ... make it an alternate universe similar to OYW era UC, with the Earth
Federation being controller by the Illuminati (Shades of Oz from Wing, but
it could be handled better). When Newtypes are discovered they are
indoctrinated by the Illumanati for the ultimate purpose of conquering the
colonies. Only Hathaway Celine in his gold painted Pegasus class ship can
expose the conspiracy. Of course, the end of the story turns out to be a
hash induced dream when young Amuro Rei wakes up after getting stoned to
avoid his homework ;p

> Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson
> The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson
I have it sitting right next to me =)

> Masks of the Illuminati Robert Anton Wilson

> Right Where You Are Sitting Now: Further Tales of the Illuminati Robert
Haven't been able to find a copy in stock anywhere in Canada as of yet.

> Anton Wilson & Timothy Leary
> Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the Illuminati: Volume 1 Robert Anton
> Wilson
> Cosmic Trigger: Down to Earth, Vol. 2 by Robert Anton Wilson
> Cosmic Trigger: My Life after Death, Vol. 3 by Robert Anton Wilson
The rest of them are on my "To Read" list as soon as I can track them down.

> And of course any of of the Steve Jackson Games Illuminati stuff makes
> for good reading.
Jah, I've seen a few copies of the GURPS Illuminati sell on eBay for cheap.
I certainly have to pick 'em up.

> Adam Ingram

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