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Nope. The game was called SD Gundam 2 or something like that, and allowed
you to pilot Mark II, Zeta, or Hyaku-Shiki. I think each character has a
different set of stages. Bosses include Marasai, Messhimar, the Psycho
Gundams, Quebeley, Hizack Sniper, etc.
 There are also a vs.mode where you can choose around 15 mobile suits to
fight with.

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>I've been collecting the models for nearly a year, and I have over 30.
>Although I started out on Universal Century with Gundam 0080 and 0883, the
>Wing Gundam 1/144 was my first kit. I kind of screwed it up :) Anyway, I
>think my second kit might have been the HGUC Hyaku Shiki-not too certain
>about that the time I wasn't too certain what the heck it was,
>although I'd played a ROM of the Super deformed Zeta Gundam game.

Was that the tetris-style puzzle game where you faced off against a SD
computer opponent, and if you did well enough, a ship would fly on over and
take out the other guy?

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