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I've been collecting the models for nearly a year, and I have over 30.
Although I started out on Universal Century with Gundam 0080 and 0883, the
Wing Gundam 1/144 was my first kit. I kind of screwed it up :) Anyway, I
think my second kit might have been the HGUC Hyaku Shiki-not too certain
about that the time I wasn't too certain what the heck it was,
although I'd played a ROM of the Super deformed Zeta Gundam game.

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I was chatting with another guy from the GML earlier, when he brought up the
whole gundam model collecting thing. It got me wondering - how many of you
collect these things, how many of them do you have, and how long have you
been doing it?

I'll start off -

I've been collecting for about 6 years now, started just after the 10th
grade during summer break when I had nothing better to do.

As stated in an earlier post, my very first and most beloved model is the
1/144 Sazabi, with acrylic paint and all :) After that I went on to do other
classic kits from Zeta, like the Rick Dias, Gallus J, ReGZ (all in acryllic

Why, I remember back in the day when I actually had to save up for the $20
1/550 Alpha Azieru kit.

Now I have about 170 models, my most recent, and proudest accomplishments
being the MG RX-79[G], and the BB Senshi Deathscythe from my girlfriend.

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