Richie Ramos (
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 01:07:21 +0800

> > When you finish those up a few years on down the road you'll have to
> share
> > some pics! :P
> I have a near completed FG RX-78-2. Richie Ramos complemented me on it
> being like a MSiA, the only thing is when I started the panel lines I
> screwed it up ^_^

well, then, it is like an MSiA, LOL! you know how much they screw up on
some of the panel lines in thsoe things....

just kidding Char. It is easy to to do panel lines on something like an MG;
as the scale gets smaller, it gets so much harder.

> I want to finish the Jagd Doga by New Year. also I would try and finish
> Hardy Gun and Heavy Gun. I hope the holidays would give me enough time to
> do it all. also I may want to finish my 1/144 Sazabi before starting on
> building the big one (the MG). but Final Fantasy 9 is out on the
> Playstation, argh!!!

Lucky you. my enemy is the weather. I am a stickler for having just the
right weather to paint kits in.

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