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>>> Spelling: Gundam
>>> Japanese Pronounciation: Gandamu
>>> Possible English Pronounciation: Gundam (we already know this one)
>> Dead right, I think.
> Ermm.... isn't it just, well, Gundam?
> I was sort of under the impression that there was a n/m sound in
> Japanese without a paired consonant. It's one character that does both,
> so why is there a MU on the end? Don't remember how it's said in the
> series, don't speak Japanese, so if I'm wrong feel free to ignore me :-)

In Japanese, 'n' (the velar nasal) is the only consonant that appears in a
syllable without a vowel. This 'n' is shifted to 'm' before labial
consonants (b, p, m) through place assimilation.

If the name of the show was ga-n-pa-mu, we'd actually have Gumpam. :)

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