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My first Gundam model was a FG 1/144 RX-78. The mobility on it sucked and
it was my first attempt at airbrushing. It was painted in the prototype
color scheme - black and gray. This thing will never win at any model
contest but after having it for more then 15 years, it is still one of my
favorites. Who would have guessed.

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Vince Leon

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Wow, that really brings back some memories. The 1/144 Sazabi was the very
first model I ever bought. I did such a lousy job on it, too. I didn't know
any better at the time, and I ended up using canvas acrylics to paint it
^^;; It could have been a great kit, too, but the way they put the elbow
joint on the upper arm instead of the forearm really botched things.

But no metter how bad it looks, I still love it. I probably wouldn't even
have started collecting models if it wasn't for that kit. The only reason I
got it was because it had a missing piece (the two small antenna on its
head), and was $10 off.

Ahh, good times.


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