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Let's see. I agree with "Jim" as adopted pronunciation for GM. I think it
would be ridiculous to listen something like:"Some Gee Em are attacking us".
I also agree with Goof as pronunciation for Gouf. Not thinking to Disney's
characters, it seems to me to have a certain sonority pronunciated Goof.
About the characters, I think that all of us know that the name of a famous
singer of the past, Charles Aznavoure, if written in katakana is: Shaa
Azunabu-ru, that can be read also as Char Aznable, sio I think that is
possible that at the end Char will be the name chosen for adaptation.

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> >
> >>> Spelling: GM
> >>> Japanese Pronounciation: Jim
> >>> Possible English Pronounciation: Jee-Emm
> >
> >It's commonly called the Jim, though.
> >>> Spelling: Gouf
> >>> Japanese Pronounciation: Goof-uh (this was on the GML a while back)
> >>> Possible English Pronounciation: Gouf (sounding like Gouge?)
> >>
> >>Or south, with a toothless slur: souf. =)
> >
> >Actually, the Japanese pronunciation is Goo-fu.
> I've always said Goof, as in Disney's Goofy.
> >As for characters, there are a whole lot of Gundam characters with weird
> >romanizations...the worst are :
> >
> >Char Aznable (technically, it should be "Sha" since that's the kanji of
> >name)

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