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> Ok, that's what I thought. It seems like Tomino it going for a new-age
> look with all these new designs. Like the Kapool, if you look hard
> it could almost be a restylized Gogg. All it would need are bigger
> guards.

yup, and a lot of suits from all the series made cameo on the Turn A series.
Turn a is like the crossroads of all the timelines, that somewhere in the
future all the timelines of all Gundam series would be unified, something
like that

> When you finish those up a few years on down the road you'll have to
> some pics! :P

I have a near completed FG RX-78-2. Richie Ramos complemented me on it
being like a MSiA, the only thing is when I started the panel lines I
screwed it up ^_^

I want to finish the Jagd Doga by New Year. also I would try and finish the
Hardy Gun and Heavy Gun. I hope the holidays would give me enough time to
do it all. also I may want to finish my 1/144 Sazabi before starting on
building the big one (the MG). but Final Fantasy 9 is out on the
Playstation, argh!!!

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