Graham Belmont (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 04:59:11 -0600

> > Is that the green one, looks like its armor has been shattered? I've
> > memorize all their names.
>here's the box........

Ok, that's what I thought. It seems like Tomino it going for a new-age retro
look with all these new designs. Like the Kapool, if you look hard enough,
it could almost be a restylized Gogg. All it would need are bigger shoulder

> > Oh man, I hate it when I get multiple projects going on at once. If I
> > start on a model as soon as I get it, and work on it non-stop until
> > finished, it'll end up sitting on my desk for a good month or so until
> > feel like working on it again.
>I've got kits sitting on my desk for a year now. I remember buying all
>those CCA kits for Christmas last year, and it's almost Christmas again and
>I haven't finished even one of them. I also have a stock of two MG kits
>right now which I have no plans of building yet, I just like having them in
>my hands, heheheh.

When you finish those up a few years on down the road you'll have to share
some pics! :P

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