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At 03:42 11/30/2000 +0800, Richie Ramos wrote:
>damn, I hope it is....I have to get one so I can do another versus review in
>Newtype asylum with the old 0080 kit and the Dwadge....

        I would have thought an F-type will precede the 0080 Rick Dom II...

>I have a comparison review up at Newtype Asylum...the gun is a remake of the
>old gun from the 0080 Zaku...but it looks WAY smaller.

        Nah, it's not exactly a remake. It's more of a scaled down version
of the MMP-80 from the MG Zaku II F/J kit -- same overall look, etc. The
0080 Zaku II FZ MMP looks way cooler. =)

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