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Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:03:35 -0800

OK, we have a pretty good idea of your favorite suits out there, now how
about the ugly ones? Designs that will never get HG, MG, or PG treatment
just because they are less than pleasing to the eye.

*I am omitting the strange Zeon OYW MA's because some, like the Zakurello,
are so ugly that you just have to love them.

OYW: Agguy- looks like a big brown Doraemon with a snout.
MSV: Juagg, Agguguy- are these MS's or Ultraman monsters?
Z: Dijeh- The Hero of the OYW is assigned this? What a waste of a Newtype.
Z: Bound Dog- I just can't take this seriously. Surprises enemy while they
are laughing.
ZZ: Kattle? (kya-to-ru)- not even worthy of sporting a mono-eye.
F91: Ebiru S- I feel sorry for the C.V. pilot assigned one of these.
V: Sandoge (sp?) Someone squish this spider
G: Mermaid Gundam, NederGundam- A Fish and a Windmill. whoa.

This is for entertainment purposes only; please do not be offended.


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