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29 Nov 2000 17:41:54 -0000

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 01:38:50 +0800 (SGT) Zhou Tai An <> wrote:
>>> Spelling: GM
>>> Japanese Pronounciation: Jim
>>> Possible English Pronounciation: Jee-Emm
>>I don't know, I always called it GM like the car company, but that may be
>>precisely why they don't call it that. And Jim just sounds pansy, I'm sorry.
>>=) Flip a coin for this one.
>It's commonly called the Jim, though.

I've always called it the Gee-Emm (like the car company)...and they did that in the 0083 dub too ("These Zakus (Zaa-koos) can't compare to that high-powered GM (Gee-Emm)."), and in the 0080 one.

>>> Spelling: Gouf
>>> Japanese Pronounciation: Goof-uh (this was on the GML a while back)
>>> Possible English Pronounciation: Gouf (sounding like Gouge?)
>>Or south, with a toothless slur: souf. =)
>Actually, the Japanese pronunciation is Goo-fu.

I've always said Goof, as in Disney's Goofy.

>>> Spelling: Gyan
>>> Japanese Pronounciation: No idea, never saw it in action
>>> Possible English Pronounciation: Gai-ann
>>Always thought of it as 'giyan'.
>Gee-yan. I'm using the original katakana for most of these.

I've always said Gai(guy)-ann.

>>> Spelling: Dom/Rick Dom
>>> Japanese Pronounciation: Dom/Reek Dom (AFAIK, correct me if i'm wrong. I
>Rikku-Dom. Basically the same as the English, actually.

Yeah, Rick Dom (as in Dominate)

>As for characters, there are a whole lot of Gundam characters with weird
>romanizations...the worst are :
>Char Aznable (technically, it should be "Sha" since that's the kanji of his
>Camille Vidan (I've seen so many versions it's not funny anymore)

agreed, although Camille is the best of the lot.

>Lalah Sun (Same here)


>Loran Cehack (Again, same)

I don't know...for some reason, I still prefer Roland (like it was spelled in that issue of Protoculture Addicts)...

>Amuro Rei (I don't care what anyone says, it's Rei, not Ray. ^_^)

Still pronounced the same way.

>And some more which I can't remember right now.

Mirai for one. With that whole l/r thing going, you can be sure this might be one.

But most have already been done, so not too many changes will most likely be instituted.


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