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Subject: [gundam] Pronounciation Guide

> What with the dub of First Gundam appearing next year, I figured it would
> time for a new fun game :P

Yay, a new game. Is there beer involved? =)

> Spelling: Gundam
> Japanese Pronounciation: Gandamu
> Possible English Pronounciation: Gundam (we already know this one)

Dead right, I think.

> Spelling: GM
> Japanese Pronounciation: Jim
> Possible English Pronounciation: Jee-Emm

I don't know, I always called it GM like the car company, but that may be
precisely why they don't call it that. And Jim just sounds pansy, I'm sorry.
=) Flip a coin for this one.

> Spelling: Gouf
> Japanese Pronounciation: Goof-uh (this was on the GML a while back)
> Possible English Pronounciation: Gouf (sounding like Gouge?)

Or south, with a toothless slur: souf. =)

I've always pronounced it like that. I know the Zeons liked naming trends:
Zakoo, Gelgoog, Goofoo... =) But Goofoo sounds goofy.

> Spelling: Gyan
> Japanese Pronounciation: No idea, never saw it in action
> Possible English Pronounciation: Gai-ann

Always thought of it as 'giyan'.

> Spelling: Dom/Rick Dom
> Japanese Pronounciation: Dom/Reek Dom (AFAIK, correct me if i'm wrong. I
> remember Reek Deeass from Zeta, so i'm assuming its the same)
> Possible English Pronounciation: Rick (rhymes with lick) Dom (rhymes with
> bomb)

I like Dom, rhymes with Dom, better. ^_~ I wonder why some people romanise
Rick as Rig, if even Zeta has the hard ending? Oh well. Rick Dom/Diaz it is.

I wonder if they'll change the names of the aquatic suits, they all start so
sound the same after a while.

- dom

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