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Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:29:25 -0600

>this is what i did:
>Funnels: The six funnels are a lesson in extreme aggravation. You'll need
>some strong glue (super glue or model cement)and the rock steady hands of a
>surgeon. :)

Have a couple of those! Hands steady enough to make a surgeon jealous. You
should see me while doing detail work in those tiny crevases. I concentrate
so hard I'll get 2-3 massive headaches over the course of one model. I'm the
old fashioned kind of guy when it comes to that stuff. No Gundam Markers
found over here!

>Assemble everything in step 27 except when it comes to the part about
>pushing R9 into I9 completeing the funnel. Place a small drop of glue on
>each of the outer edges of Part R9. carefully push it in place. This will
>prevent parts I6 from falling or popping out of place.

Thanks for the tip!

>The hand problem isn't as bad on the Federation mobile suits (Alex, GM, Gm
>custom, RX78 2 and 3). I love the gelgoog just wish the legs were done

I totally hear that. It's a great model of one of the coolest MS's out
there, with a wicked shield and prime weapons. Great flexability in
everything above the waist (especially the joint at the mid-riff. nice
touch.). My only otehr complaint about the model is with the elbow joint
being connected with nothing but that tiny stub. None of these complaints
detract from the model any, it's still a great showpiece.

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