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Only glue after painting (btw use a tooth pick and apply it to the sides of
the small center core of the funnel - you'll see each one has 4 little
corners) don't use excessive glue and keep it in a well ventalated area to
avoid that Super Glue Frost!

this is what i did:

Funnels: The six funnels are a lesson in extreme aggravation. You'll need
some strong glue (super glue or model cement)and the rock steady hands of a
surgeon. :)
Assemble everything in step 27 except when it comes to the part about
pushing R9 into I9 completeing the funnel. Place a small drop of glue on
each of the outer edges of Part R9. carefully push it in place. This will
prevent parts I6 from falling or popping out of place.

The hand problem isn't as bad on the Federation mobile suits (Alex, GM, Gm
custom, RX78 2 and 3). I love the gelgoog just wish the legs were done

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>The sazabi is an exellent kit. many dislike it but i think its cause of the
>price. The kit has two main weak points (but they aren't that bad:
>The hands pop out when trying to put the gun in the sazabi's hand due to
>shallow wrist sockets (but if you're careful its not too bad a problem).

This seems to be a reocurring theme with almost all of my MG kits. The only
ones that don't seem to be are the Gelgoogs and the 178 Mk II's. (Geez,
you'd think Bandai could take a hint!)

Do the PG's also suffer from this problem?

>funnels are a pain to assemble (just to flimsy - a drop of super glue fixed
>that though!)

Did you glue them before or after painting? I'm worried that if I did that,
the fumes would adhere and ruin them.


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