Graham Belmont (
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 06:24:21 -0600

>if you're referring to the battered shield of the even
>more battered g-3 beside the standard red-white-blue
>rx-78 in the two gundam pic, that was my rather
>harebrained handiwork, not richie's. :P richie would
>never do that (his eyes bugged out the first time he
>saw it, "wot da hell?". i believe his eyes are still
>bugged out)
>i used soldering iron for all the gouges and
>bullet-holes (i forgot to trim the bullet holes
>though...). i was also getting a bit addled from all
>the paint fumes and sanding the superglue (i had no
>putty at hand when i erased all the mould and *panel*
>lines from the g-3, so superglue had to
>suffice...instant ver 1.5).
>actually, i had no idea richie was gonna post the pic
>of our two gundams.
>*gekigan-garr flares richie with righteous zeal*

Hmm....not to go off on a wild tangent or anything, but how many of you guys
live within a reasonable driving distance of each other? It seems like a
number of you are clustered together, within just a couple cities of one

In the mean time, I'm off in the middle-of-nowhere Minnesota, and the only
one in my group of friends who likes Gundam -_-;;


BTW, we don't have those dumbass accents like in the movie Fargo. You hafta
go super far north to find those people.
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