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> Just give it some time. With the way Bandai has been churning out more
> more new MG kits, my guess is we'll be seeing some from Turn-A before too

> long. And it looks like they're placing more emphasis on PG, too. I'm
> willing to bet there'll be quite a few (at least 5) more of those before
> end of next year.

yup, but considering the success (or lack thereof) of Turn A, I doubt we'll
be seeing those in MG anytime soon. even the immensely popular Wing series
hasn't got the MG treatment yet. it's no surprise they gave the Wing Zero
the PG treatment even though they didn't give any kit the MG treatment since
they did it with the Evangelion line.

anyway, I wonder when will they start making MGs of the non-UC line or any
post UC0093 mecha (maybe a V Gundam or F91)

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