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> Unless I'm totally off, Bright Noah doesn't kill Harthaway, he merely
> attends his Execution.

I think he actually presides over it, which means he may have had to give the
order to fire.

> (I got all of this off the G Gen F game...and all from my memory...so if I
> get a lot of stuff wrong, and I'm sure I will, forgive me :P)
> Basically, Hathaway is the leader of MAFTY, a terrorist group which believes
> in a theology that is very similar to Char's with mankind needing to leave
> Earth in order for the motherland to heal. So in order to do this, he sets
> up various attacks (blowing up buildings and such) and broadcasts on TV with
> his voice and image scrambled. He gets a Gundam (Xi Gundam), and fights
> against the Feds in this region, which has their own Gundam, Gundam
> Penelope.

They're both MCS-equipped MS, but only the Xi Gundam is refered to as a Gundam.

Here are the specs for the MS, courtesy as always of Burke Ruke's Mecha Domain:

Unit type: general purpose prototype mobile suit
Armament: beam barrier, beam saber x 2, beam rifle x 1, shield missiles, elbow
missile launcher x 2, knee missile launcher x 2, sand barrel, funnels, psycommu

Unit type: general purpose prototype variable mobile suit
Armament: vulcan gun x 4, funnel missile rack x 2, beam barrier, missile
launcher x 1, beam saber x 1, beam rifle x 1, small shield x 2, funnels

Unit type: general purpose mass-production mobile suit
Armament: vulcan gun x 3, beam saber x 1, beam rifle x 1, shield x 1, missile
pod x 1

(Please note that this MS is obviously a play on the Messershmitt Me-262A-2a,
generally credited as the first operational jet fighter, deployed by the
Luftwaffe near the end of WW2)

Unit type: general purpose mass-production mobile suit
Armament: missile launcher x 1, beam saber x 2, beam rifle x 1, flexible shield
x 1

(Another nod to the Messershmitt, this time to the Me-109G-6 Messershmitt Bf
109G-6 "Gustav")

> Both Gundams are pretty much the same. They both have Minovsky Craft system
> installed, with its NTL weapon being Funnel Missiles.
> Anyway, Hathaway becomes friends of a guy who happens to be a Feddie
> Officer, but he believes that the Feds are doing what is just and blah blah
> blah blah blah.

If you're talking about Kenneth Threig (or Sleig), I don't think he and Hathaway
were friends, just acquaintances due to the fact that Kenneth served or studied
under Bright.

> After various battles, MAFTY sets up a large assult on a....damn, forgot. ^^

The Federation Assembly at Adelaide, New South Wales, Australia.

> Xi Gundam fights Gundam Penelipe and seems almost victorious, but when
> Penelope starts to flee, he persues, and gets caught in a large net trap and
> is captured, and executed in front of Bright, who is called on to witness
> the death of the Terrorist leader Mafty.
> With Hathaway's death, Hathaway's Feddie friend decides to work secretly so
> that a new Mafty organization will rise in the future and Hathaway's love
> interest(hmm..forgot to mention her didn't I?) decides to stay on Earth. The
> End.

Her name was Gigi Andalusia and she was chummy with Kenneth before she met

Here's the chronology:

0105.04.09 - The MCS-equipped MS Penelope travels from the lunar surface to

0105.04.19 - Terrorists claiming to be part of Mafty attempt to capture the
shuttle Haunzen, used by Federation dignitaries.

0105.04.20 - Mafty attacks the Tasaday Hotel in Australia. The RX-105 Xi Gundam
arrives on Earth.

0105.04.21 - The Xi Gundam and Penelope battle at sea near Halmahera Island in
Moluccas, Indonesia.

0105.04.26 - Demanding the revocation of the Revision of the Investigative
Powers of the Federation, Mafty attacks a meeting of mid-level Federation
cabinet members in Adelaide, Australia. The Xi Gundam runs aground due to a
barrier system installed around the meeting site. Mafty Navue Erin, the
ringleader of the Mafty movement, is arrested and identified as Hathaway Noa.
The measure he opposed is approved.

0105.04.27 - The 13th Independent Corps arrives in Adelaide.

0105.05.01 - Hathaway Noa, the leader of the Mafty organization, is executed.

0105.06 - The EFSF intensify their suppression of anti-Earth Federation
organizations. The 306th Special Corps is formed. The Mafty movement goes
underground and, on the surface, the anti-Federation movement appears to be


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