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> That constellation is Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder (also known as
> the Serpent
> Bearer and Serpent Wrestler), situated at right ascension 17
> hours, declination
> 0 degress -- between Sagittarius the Archer and Scorpius the
> Scorpion. The Sun
> is in Ophiuchus in December, in the season just now upon us,
> which is another
> reason this bit of trivia clicked with me. The named stars are
> Rasalhague,
> Cebalrai, Yed Prior, Yed Posterior, Sabik and Marfic.
> Ophiuchus is a symbol of health and healing because of the
> connection with the
> serpent, which was a symbol of rebirth in the classical culture.
> It was thought
> that the serpent was reborn when it shed its skin each spring.

Is this the reason for the twin snakes perch on a branch on so many things

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