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On Tue, 28 Nov 2000 10:16:22
 Jose Luis S Manalansan,IV wrote:
>Can anybody help
>I'm having trouble translating Domon's Shining Finger Speech and the lines that Touho Fuhai's & Domon's say (i believe its their motto & IIRCC they repeated it in Tohou Fuhai's death scene)

The Filipino translation of Domon's rantings on Shining Finger were actually quite accurate. In the old SRWF days you hear this speech often and it roughly translates to "My fists are burning again, resounding with the urge to destroy you, for courage, love and sadness, FINAL ATTACK! God Finger!" or something like that.

"Dete Unakereba, Yararenakatta no ni!"

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