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>>Yeah. Roughly translated it means "If you didn't come out, you wouldn't
have died." Camille has some really cool lines in the Zeta Series, and the
way he says it, thats reason enought o watch the damn thing in Japanese.

Actually, I think that is one of his dumbest lines. ^_^

>Can anybody help
>I'm having trouble translating Domon's Shining Finger Speech and the lines
that Touho Fuhai's & Domon's say (i believe its their motto & IIRCC they
repeated it in Tohou Fuhai's death scene)

I'll give it a shot, since I like the speeches myself :

"Ore wa kono te de hikatte naru! Shouri wo tsukamae to tataratsuki sakebu!
HISSSAATSSU! SHINNIIIINUGUUU FINGAAAAAA!" - ("My hand shines with the light
that cries to grasp victory! Well, the rest is self-explanatory...^_^)

This is the best I can come up with now...if you're not satfisied, I'll sit
down and work out a better translation.

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