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> Could anybody provide me with a transcript of it? Just wondering.

I presume that you mean the broadcast that Delaz made in Episode 5.

Since we don't get a beginning-to-end delivery, but rather a number of cutaways,
with the Delaz speech sometimes in the background, we don't actually hear the
complete text. I make it to be:

"To the Earth Federation and the warriors of Zeon! We are the Delaz Fleet. ...
It's clear to everyone that the treaty that ended the Zeon Liberation War, also
known as the One Year War, is a lie! This is because that treaty was made by
the traitors calling themselves the Zeon Republic. The purpose of (necessity
for) that war hasn't changed in the slightest, as will be proven soon. ... --and
of those who are about to enter the fires of Hell for the same cause. ...
Against the righteous demand for autonomy that all Spacenoids desire, the
Federation is trying to use its overwhelming military power (superiority) to
exterminate the liberation movement at its very root. This is a self-evident
truth. This I (from personal experience) know! ... Behold! This is our
achievement (war trophy / prize)! This unit, a flagrant violation of the
Antarctic Treaty, was developed (by the Federation) in secret. Who, upon seeing
this, can doubt the evil intent of the accursed (damnable) Federation? ... If
you'll recall what led to the Zeon Liberation War, you'll see that we represent
the spirit of Zeon Daikun. ... With the blood burning righteously in my veins, I
hereby declare anew our war with the Earth Federation. Lay aside the tempting
false whisper of peace and say it once more! For the glory of the motherland
(fatherland / homeland) that echoes in our hearts! Sieg Zeon!"


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