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Edward Ju wrote:

> >Every character should be unlockable if all they did was replace the RX-78
> >with W.
> >To get bygzam, beat game on easy
> >To get Neue Ziel, beat game on med
> >To get MK3, beat game on hard
> >To get Hydra, beat game on hard with using no continues.
> >To get ball, beat game on one difficulty with all characters.
> >If W took RX-78's spot, do they still have RX-93 available as a secret char?
> Yeah, the Nu Gundam got unlocked after I beat the game in story mode for
> the 3rd time, using The-O. Dunno what triggered the unlock though, could
> be a timing factor too since I finshed it real fast (within 10 mins I think)
> Eddie

It's a random thing during the story mode. Either the RX-78 or Nu will come out to
fight you. If you beat it and finish the game, it'll be included in one your
selections for the VS mode.

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