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A Parallax camera (in the old days) allowed cels to be placed on several
different planes that were at different distances behind each other. This
allowed each background plane to be scrolled or moved at different rates to
create the 3D effect of perspective movement (you know how the foreground
moves faster than the background when you're looking out the side of a car).
The camera can also focus on different planes and make other planes blurry.
In Gundam's case, they are mainly doing focus effects, where the foreground
character will be in focus, and the background character blurry, and when
the background character speaks, the foreground becomes blurred, and the
background comes into focus...and so on. And its all being done digitally
(a la Star Wars Special Edition) so there is no actual Parallax Camera


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> This is up at but since it hasn't been mentioned here, I'll
> simply open a topic for it:
> Nov-27-2000
> Bandai Entertainment Gundam News
> We would like to recap a few important annoucements from Bandai
> Entertainment re-announced at the local Aka-Kon convention here in
> Vancouver, BC:
> Gundam 0080, Gundam 0083, and Gundam 08th MS Team are all slated for DVD
> Release next year sometime.
> The Original Mobile Suit Gundam (all 43 episodes) is coming to Home Video
> next year. Yoshiyuki Tomino Sensei (creator of Gundam) is
> involved with the
> dubbing & production. The episodes are all being digitally re-mastered to
> make the colors brighter and add parallax/focus effects to give the show
> greater 3D dimension. Bandai Ent. is also working on a TV deal for the
> original series with both Cartoon Network (USA) and YTV (Canada).
> Endless Waltz which aired on Nov 10,2000 on Cartoon Network was their 2nd
> highest rated show EVER in the Network's history.
> Bandai Entertainment is committed to releasing more of the Gundam
> saga, but
> production on so many episodes takes time and they'll be coming
> out over the
> next few years
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> So, looks like Tomino himself is getting in on the localization process.
> That's interesting. The digital remastering seems interesting, as
> does this
> parallax/focus thingy. Anybody know what parallax does?
> Of course if they're just starting this remastering/effects
> process, I think
> it will definetely push back the release a little.
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