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Perhaps we're all suffering from "Gundam drought"-no new series except for
G-savior, and who knows what's going to happen with that thing....

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>Well, as much as I hate to, I've found that the time has co0me for
>me to leave the Gundam Mailing List. The main reason for this is
>due to the sheer volume of mail coming from the list, most of it
>absolutely of no interest to me. In other words, FLAMES!
>Several of the veterans on this list were commenting in the above
>thread about the general degradation of the quality of posts on this
>list. When I first joined, almost two years ago, the GML was my
>first ML, and I was very impressed with the level of maturity of the
>posters. Some of these people I had met at cons ()Mark Simmons, for
>example) and I knew some of what to expect. I was even able to
>tolerate ....err... ...obtuse behavior on the parts of some of the
>posters, because even the ones that I don't have much respect for
>had some things to contribute. However, of late, the influx of
>newbies has made the list a lot less pleasant. I'm not saying that
>all the newbies are responsible. Most of you new members are good,
>and I looked forward to reading your posts. But unfortunately, I've
>also seen a very few bad apples who are interested only in causing
>To everyone else... Well, guys, it's been fun. I know we didn't
>get along all the time (Especially you and I, Eddie) but I'm going
>to miss it... Maybe, once I get more time, and the signal to noise
>ratio has improved, I'll be back...
>Chris Beilby

I've been on this list maybe five or six years and yeah, I'll agree
that in the past months there has been a decline in the quality of
the list.

  I've been thinking about bailing out myself. There seems to be a
decline in Gundam interest among the veteran fans out there. I notice
it in myself. Two years ago I would have been bouncing off the walls
hearing about a MG Kampher, so why didn't I get excited at hearing it
now? Maybe it is inevitable. Passions fade.

While I was never a big poster to the list, preferring to only
contribute when I felt I could add something new to the discussion,
or to ask a pertinent question. I'd like to think I added to the GML


....Damnit- where the hell am I taking this post? What am I saying?
Ahrgg!!! Look, I guess Chris's post just touched something off in me.
I've been obsessed with Gundam for a long time, but it's leaving me.
And seeing the GML degrade has only made it go faster. I look around
me, my room covered in Gundam posters, books, models, What does it
mean to me now? Heh, I'm sounding like a lunatic. I'm insane!

(a moment to compose myself)

Ahem. No, I'm not insane. But there is some idea scratching around in
the back of my head. I'm going to have to figure out what it is. In
the meantime, I'm staying on the list. I'd like to hear from others
veterans about how their interest levels are holding up.


-James Boren (A bit perplexed about where his gundam devotion is going...)

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