Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 03:04:50 -0800

>I picked this up today from Kinokuniya Books for about $23. It is 161 color
>pgs and has cool pics and info on the latest kits; the PG Wing & Zeta, MG Nu
>Gundam & EZ8 & Gouf, HGUC Dom Tropen & Gelgoog Marine, SD GP04 & Zeta Set.
>Updates the Wing kit pics with the pilot figures. Pictures the obscure SD MA
>Bonus Plamos. Otherwise almost identical to Ver 2.0. I feel justified in
>purchasing it though.
>PS: Any idea on the next FG, if at all? I'd say a GM, since he has been
>overlooked by HGUC.

I'd have picked the GM too, since the FG's release pattern follows the
Kado Senshi chogokin toys to a T, and the GM has just been released in
that line.

>PPS: NOT pictured here but in the Gundam Age book are the Morinaga candy toy
>1/300 MSV/Z/ZZ plamos. I had some in Jr. High circa `86/7 but lost them. The
>book shows an amazing selection, i.e. the Sabrefish fighter and the Psycommu
>Zaku. Does anyone have any of those? Lucky Dogs!
>Peter C.

Sounds like the MS Select reissues that started coming out since last year.
The local Japanese grocers wouldn't carry any Morinaga items with toys
unless it's Pokemon, sigh...


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