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Sun, 26 Nov 2000 23:27:02 -0600

> >It's a damn shame the people who made 0083 didn't feel that >way. I feel
> >gundam itself looks much cooler w/o the extra baggage, but we >don't get
> >see it until too late. And even then, Kou does nothing with it >but fire
> >a couple shots into nowhere after he snaps.
> >-G
>The way things were done, the Stamen is made to like s "core MS" system for
>the Orchis base. I would like to see the Stamen as an MG, I was also
>wondering though if the whole thing could be done in HGUC form?

The suit and the Dendrobium? If you feel like dropping around $600, you can
get the entire package. It's a 1/220 resin cast kit from B-Club. The whole
thing is about 60cm long when complete. Pretty damn nice, but resin is a
real pain to work with.

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