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> One of the new series of Gundam (a TV series) should be entitled "For the
> barrel"
> and, this is what I have read about it, it should be a kind of
> remake of "MS Gundam" (at least it is inspired to Tomino's novels), but with
> new characters (should be 15 persons in a Pegasus ship), new situations (and
> probably mobile suits just lightly modified, but modified enough to make new
> model kits to put on sale) and I really
> don't know what other. We can just hope for the better.

Character designs by Shigeto Koyama and mecha designs by Junji Ohkubo aside, FTB
isn't an anime, but rather a "serial novel" by Gichi Ohtsuka based on the Tomino
original Gundam novel trilogy. The first installment should appear in the
January 2001 issue, with an English version translated by John Clements and a
Korean version translated by Ake Sasaki.

The latest update was just posted on the Newtype Magazine site on 23 November:


Previous reports on the FTB project are posted at:




The first and third have illustrations, the second and fourth (current) are


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