Sat, 25 Nov 2000 20:58:55 EST

  Um, the GP03 Gundam by itself, IS possible, it's the mobile armor that's
would too big and costly to be feasible. After all the GP03 IS just a Gundam.

  People rule the GP03 out, because of the Orchis. The Orchis does not make
the Gundam, you know. The GP03 CAN function WITHOUT the Orchis. the GP03
GUNDAM ITSELF can be made without making the Orchis.

  Sorry for some caps words, but it highly irritates me that a lot of people
automatically count out the GP03 GUNDAM because of the Orchis MA. The Gundam
itself, without the "baggage" of the Orchis can/deserves to be made.

  According to The Mecha Domain site, the GP01 Gundam and the GP03 Gundam
Stamen have the same head height (18.0 meters). So, the only thing that seems
to be stopping a MG GP03 *Gundam* release, is no matter how big it is, some
will have to have an Orchis to go with it, not me. Therefore, I say forget
about the Orchis as a factor in the release of a MG GP03 Gundam, as it's way
too big for 1/100 scale.

  All I want is the Gundam itself to be made. Besides, the Orchis IS cool,
but I am much more interested in the Gundam itself. My main point is, the
GP03 Gundam does not need the Orchis to function, as the GP03 Gundam is a
self contained MS.

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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