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> > Anyway, aside from Arislan, can you guys name other Anime with these
> > kinds of themes?
> Legend of the Galactice Heroes not only develops the same theme,
> but even pits
> an aristocratic empire against a democratic republic.
> Originally produced as an hour-long OAV, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: My
> Conquest Of The Sea Of Stars, it centers around two strategic
> geniuses (genii?)
> on the opposite sides, each of whom must work around their
> superiors as well as
> against each other. The blond pretty-boy on the empire's side is
> the son of the
> Emperor's mistress, so everyone assumes that he got where he is
> because of her
> influence.

Brother of the mistress. Their father basically sold her for money.
Reinhard is from a lower nobelity class, and his sister's standing did open
the door to him to the rank of the military.

> His opposite number on the republic's side is also
> dismissed by his
> superiors and never gets due credit because his successes always
> show them up as incompetents.

Yang's primary and realistic goal is to have about 50 years of peace, which
he hope his accomplishments will force both side into negotation.

> The initial OAV one-shot was so popular that it led to a
> 26-episode Legend of
> the Galactic Heroes OAV series, which had an 8-episode Legend of
> the Galactic
> Heroes II sequel. Confusingly, LotGH II has the same numbering
> as LotGH, so the
> eight episodes of LotGH II are numbered 27 to 34.

It's based on a series of 10 novels. It's a bit talky, and some of the
tactic used are kind of 2D.

One episode was dubbed to try to entice US buyers. Thus far, either the
kinded dated animation or the asking price is preventing US company from
picking up this gem.

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