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Sat, 25 Nov 2000 13:55:50 -0800

>I have got a small (?) question. The serialization of the manga of Kazuhisa
>Kondo "Gundam 0079" has just started in my country, but there is something
>strange that is going to drive me crazy. In the italian edition, Zion's
>dukedom has become a "principato" (I don't know how it is called in english,
>anyway is a state with a prince instead of a king, as for example Monaco in
>France) (and so the duke Degin Zabi has become the prince Dergin Zabi). I
>had always known that Zion was a dukedom (or a duchy, as I have also read).
>Does anybody know the exact meaning of the japanese kanji translated in
>english with dukedom and in italian with "principato"?

The translator went with the "official" way Zeon is referred to on the new
MG kits, which happens to be sanction by Sunrise recently.


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