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So we its confirmed that we're getting the Kampfer in January at the low low
price of 4000 yen ... but after that, what's next? 0083 has been beaten to
death as far as its every likely to be (Nieue Ziel and GP-03 ain't in our
future :P), but 0080's barely been touched. My guess is we're going to see
the 0080's GM's (Mmmmm .... Sniper!) along with the Zaku FZ next. Bandai
loves mold recycles and they can certainly borrow all kinds of pieces to
build these guys. The GM Ground is pretty much a foregone conclusion and
we'll almost definately see that as an MG this year ... some different
colored plastic, a few modified parts, a new head ... voila, the Gundam
ground is now a GM ground.
Those are the safe bets ... anyone care to hazard a guess what the next
non-OVA MG will be? Following on the tail of the Nu and the Sazabi we might
see the Geara Doga or the ReGZ this year, but even those are obvious
choices. Hmmm ... MG Hyaku Shiki is another virtual certainty, it's too
popular an MS to not be released.
Once all of those are exhausted, odds are they'll start mining Z and ZZ for
the less well known MS's, it seems.
Anybody know how many MG's Bandai usually does in a year? I can think of at
least 5 for 2000, but I'm sure there were more.

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