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Beast Wars was a tragic loss. It had something that few other kids cartoons
(North American, anyway) have ... a consistent, solid story that arced
through the entire season. Characters grew up, changed, lived, and died. The
head writers, Bob Forward and Larry Ditillio had an active net presence and
really did respect original Transformers history (without going into
spoilers, we did see a lot of old faces...).
The sequel, Beast Machines, didn't live up to its predeccessor at all. Since
it was specifically created for Fox Kids, much artistic freedom was lost and
the story suffered ... none of the characters were quite the same, and the
silly "no projectile weapon" rule gave us the fookin' ugly Maximals, and the
somewhat nice Vehicons (shudder. The names, however, were not so good ;p)
Part of the reason I got out of active TransFandom was the dissapointment of
Beast Machines, the overpriced current flock of toys, and the ridiculous
costs involved in trying to rebuild a G1 transformers collection ... I faced
the fact that there were people with more money and less brains than I
willing to drop obscene amounts of money on toys, and I just couldn't afford
to keep up ....
As a Gundam hobbyist, I can collect even old toys for fairly reasonably
prices, along with constantly released new toys and models (Gundam did
restore my long lost interest in modeling) means I'm getting a lot more
"stuff" for my money.

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