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>>Subject: R: [gundam] OT Transfans
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>>Sorry. I'm italian and I don't know if you have ever seen a totally CG
>>realized series of Transformers. This series exists and I have seen it. It
>>has arrived with the title of Transformers but, of course, this could be an
>>adapted title. After all, in this series we have some robots fighting the
>>ones against the
>>others (there aren't human beings at all) and they can transform themselves
>>in animals and insects (buzzes, ants and so on).
>>Anyway, if you really havn't ever seen it, I can ensure you that it was
>>nothing of special.
>Yeah-Beast Wars. But as was said in the Movie 'Wayne's World' 'it's good in
>it's own way but can't stand up to the original' (he was talking about Star
>Trek and Star Trek-The Next Generation.'

Although Beast Wars, and the sequel Beast Machines did have a few good characters. I personally loved Silverbolt, Black Arachnia and Rat Trap. Maybe Dinobot too. But I agree, the original Transformers was far better.


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