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>Giant Robo is a bit confusing because it originally appeared in the 1960s as a >26-episode live-action, not animated, TV series called Johnny Sokko and his >Giant Robot. A dubbed version aired on Channel 52 in Los Angeles and a >compilation movie was also released by American International Pictures, circa >1964. The premise was pretty much the same as Tetsujin-28/Gigantor, with Johnny >Sokko, who wa otherwise an ordinary schoolboy, becoming bonded to an alien >robot, so that thereafter only he could operate it. In the American version, >the good guy secret agents were called Unicorn and the bad guy secret society >was called Gargoyle. > >-Z-

Speaking of Giant Robo (one of my favorite series), I just want to know if they are ever going to animate an episode 8 (or 9 or 10) the story of the "The night the Earth Stood Still" was awesome, but I think the conclusion of the whole Interpol/Big Fire conflict would be totally out of this world. Given Yasuhiro Imagawa's style, this could be a real climax.

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