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> >What improvement would you all say had the greatest effect on mobile suit
> >warfare? What new technology had the most influence and most
> changed the way
> >battlers were fought.
> 1) Beam Weapons - Before only ships anD Gundams had 'em. Now
> their kickin' butt everywhere


> 2) I-fields - With the advent of I-field usage for MS and MA (the
> Big Zam), a single unit can take out a whole army.

I-Field Barriers sucks up so much power, and require so much cooling
equipment, it is not really practical. A much more useful innovation in
this regard is the advent of Beam Shield. It is so useful, it is the only
Mobile Suit defense system adopted by ships (witness ships in Victory Gundam

> 3) Psycommu - With the greater research in Newtypes, the Psycommu
> became a revolutionary innovation. The first experiments with the
> Elmeth confirms its power.

Once again, the usefullness is really in doubt. There isn't enough Newtype
to really have much use for them.

> 4)Amuro Rei - Not an innovation. Just a freak of nature that made
> all this greatness possible. THen again, if we consider Newtypes
> as innovation...

Amuro Rey is a legiment advance. No Amuro Rey, no basic GM control system.
The entire GM's pre-programmed software is based on battle tested Amuro Rey
data. With it, Federation were able to field thousands of zero MS
experience pilots in GM, and not having every one of them die.

Some of the more important innovation: Incom, the remote control weapon
system that everyone can use. E-Pack, the field swapable ammo pack for beam

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