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On Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:29:07 Jose Bustamante wrote: >Since Ronin Warriors generally sucks, I suggest Cartoon Network's Toonami >revives Transformers for the neglected kiddies of today!

Transformers... It seems so long ago... Anyway with the advent of CG and all other flashy animation crap, TF will be a little archaic in the eyes of kids today. It might still be fun, but I don't think its gonna be like before when every kid talks about TF.

I saw the TF movie again after a long time and I discovered something. Given the violence and all, the show is definitely designed for kids and not young adults. IMHO, when I saw it again, I just felt the nostalgia, but the punch wasn't there anymore. Hmm.. maybe its just growing up and seeing more Gundam.

Btw, ever notice Prime's resemblance to a Gundam? (the eyes, the helmet, the mouthpice (like Zeta's))


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