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On Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:13:53 Echo|Fox wrote: > >What improvement would you all say had the greatest effect on mobile suit >warfare? What new technology had the most influence and most changed the way >battlers were fought.

1) Beam Weapons - Before only ships anD Gundams had 'em. Now their kickin' butt everywhere

2) I-fields - With the advent of I-field usage for MS and MA (the Big Zam), a single unit can take out a whole army.

3) Psycommu - With the greater research in Newtypes, the Psycommu became a revolutionary innovation. The first experiments with the Elmeth confirms its power.

4)Amuro Rei - Not an innovation. Just a freak of nature that made all this greatness possible. THen again, if we consider Newtypes as innovation...


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